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Why Student Scholarships Are So Important

Updated: May 6, 2022

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Applying for a scholarship takes time and effort, and students can begin to believe it’s not worth the struggle. However, with student fees rising and universities getting more competitive, gaining a scholarship for higher education carries more significance. Scholarships can help students receive financial aid as well as lend some firepower to their applications. There is a wide variety of scholarships available and in most cases, with some research, students will be able to discover one that fits their interests well.

In recent years, cybersecurity has become a hot topic. Students interested in online privacy could stand to profit from writing programs like ExpressVPN’s Scholarship. Cybersecurity scholarships, in particular, are an excellent way to build up knowledge in a relevant field while tackling evolving social issues surrounding online privacy.

If you know a student who still isn’t familiar with the benefits of these programs, here are some great reasons that might motivate them to look into scholarships.

Advantages of Student Scholarships

1. Scholarships offer financial support

According to Education Data Initiative, the cost of education in the US is growing each year, making higher education inaccessible to many students.

This is dependent on where you are applying, but receiving a grant that, most importantly, does not need to be repaid is relevant to all students. Ultimately, scholarships can help students become more financially independent and reduce the number of student loans. Since there is a growing interest in issues of cybersecurity and online privacy, scholarships focused on these causes can have much higher cash prizes.

cybersecurity scholarship

2. Scholarships help students focus on their studies

Students facing financial difficulties due to high college fees often have to work part-time to cover their expenses. Research suggests that working for more than 15 hours per week can have a significant adverse effect on overall academic success, and can increase college dropout rates.

Applying for scholarships can take some of that financial burden off students’ shoulders. It can also allow them to focus on their studies, enjoy student life and develop relationships with their friends and colleagues, providing them with more freedom in managing their time.

3. Scholarships expand students’ networks

Scholarships can be an excellent opportunity for enrolling in study abroad programs and internships. Programs like these help students connect with colleagues and experts in their field of interest. Learning from experienced voices can be an excellent environment in which to develop their own knowledge.

By participating in cybersecurity scholarships, students can collaborate with some of the biggest names in tech, and learn how to focus their studies on improving the online environments we live in.

4. Scholarships are a great addition to student CVs

Academic connections made through scholarship programs can positively affect students’ future careers and increase their chances of getting a desired position after graduation. Participation in a distinguished scholarship is an excellent addition to a CV, since it shows a student’s proactiveness and ambition, as well as academic competence.

It can be especially important for fresh graduates, who often don’t have sufficient work experience yet. Their academic achievements may be the most vital points on their CV.

5. Scholarships boost humanitarianism and social development

While some scholarships focus on advancing students’ academic skills and showing their expertise, others are more concentrated on building interpersonal relationships and highlighting burning social issues. For example, scholarships that focus on online security can help build a more responsible online experience at a time when technology advances at a rapid speed.


Applying for a scholarship is always a smart decision. Aside from financial gain, it is an excellent addition to a student’s portfolio and a good way to connect with experts in their desired field. Therefore, it’s definitely worth putting in the extra effort to apply if it increases their chances of academic success.

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