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Get Your Free Activities for Families

To help parents teach their children how to be good citizens, online and off, we've pulled two of our favorite activities from our Cyber Civics curriculum. Simply download the lesson plans (best suited for children from 10-14) and watch the videos that accompany each lesson. 


Activity 1: The 5 Principles of Citizenship

Teaches children what it means to be a good citizen, online and off.

Activity 2: How To Be a Good Citizen Online

Children apply the 5 principles of citizenship to online communities they belong to, or will belong to in the future.

About Cyber Civics

If you like these activities, then check out the complete program! Cyber Civics is the most comprehensive middle school digital literacy program you will find. It includes over 75 sequential lessons that help student make sense of a complex digital world. 

We offer the same curriculum schools use to families and small groups too. Visit this page to learn more. If you are interested in our school program, please visit us online or download and share our flyer (below) with your school.



Call: (949) 481-4319



"If a Cyber Civics or digital literacy class is offered in your school or community, sign the kids up."


-Kelly Wallace, CNN, "5 Things to Think About Before Buying Your Child a Cell Phone."

"Thank you so much for this course, it gave me what I needed to help my kids know how to be good digital citizens online.  The activities were fun and engaging."

-Melanie Smelling, Parent

"Cyber Civics is the best digital media literacy curriculum I've seen yet as it is developmentally based and creative."

-Sheila Reilly, School Administrator

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