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"Raising Humans in a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology" (Harper Collins Leadership, '19) by Cyberwise founder Diana Graber is packed with advice from nearly 40 digital experts, stories gleaned from her decade spent working with digital kids, and at-home activities every busy family can slip into their day! Topics include:


  • Building digital skills in young children

  • Positive online reputation management

  • Maintaining online privacy

  • Managing screen time

  • Social media networks

  • Cyberbullying, sexting, and more

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“If you need practical, positive advice on how to handle your and your kids’ digital lives, look no further. This book tackles the risks and addresses the potential harms, while keeping our eyes on the prize of the remarkable rewards that the online world brings.”

--Stephen Balkam, founder & CEO, Family Online Safety Institute

“Raising Humans in a Digital World is not only a timely book, it’s essential reading for every parent, grandparent, and teacher. Diana Graber empowers you through her educational (proven and practical) curriculum and engages you through anecdotal stories.”

--Sue Scheff, founder of Parents’ Universal Resource Experts and author of Shame Nation, Google Bomb, and Wit’s End

Brilliant, compelling, and essential are the first words that came to my mind when reading Diana Graber’s Raising Humans in a Digital World. Diana not only taps her own exemplary expertise but also assembles a “who’s who” of digital thought leaders to deliver a treasure trove of pragmatic advice via an engaging storytelling style.”

--Alan Katzman, founder and CEO, Social Assurity LLC

“Diana Graber not only shows parents how to create safe and responsible relationships in this ever-changing digital world, but she gives them the powerful tools to navigate through the many aspects of what is required to keep kids safe online. The misuse of technology and the cruel behaviors that take place daily by kids and teens can be changed, and Graber shows this in her informative and educational book Raising Humans in a Digital World. The book should be every parent’s bible as a resource to ensure that their children are responsible and safe.”

--Ross Ellis, founder and CEO, STOMP Out Bullying

“This beautifully written book gives you the tools to raise healthy kids in a digital world. The anecdotes underscore the thoughtfulness of today’s youth and their hunger for learning how to navigate their world well, instead of just being warned off by fearful adults. It is thoughtfully organized and theoretically sound, and will empower parents to have some of those much-needed conversations with their kids.”

--Dr. Pamela Rutledge, director, Media Psychology Research Center 

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Discussion Guide

It takes a village to raise a digital citizens, so gather the villagers in your community and organize a discussion group to talk about the important topics in this book.



Schedule the book's author for an engaging presentation covering all the important topics in "Raising Humans in a Digital. World." Includes a free "mini" curriculum for your school or kids.

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