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Why I Joined the Cyberwise Team


The digital world is expanding. Each day we are met with new social trends, trending

topics, unexplored and new advancements, and new challenges. As we continue down this path towards a digital world, one in which hashtags can start conversations, and the other side of the globe is at our fingertips, we must continue to grow and adapt.

We now live in a world where individuals learn at an earlier age about the wide variety of information that is presented to us each and every day. It is important now more than ever that we become students of this digital world. Cyberwise and Cyber Civics help your student become a student of the digital age.

With the digital age comes challenges that quite frankly not many are really prepared for. No one told us how to parent in 2023, let alone parent in this digital age where information comes so quickly and we have to navigate it in a way that is not only acceptable but safe. That is why I've joined this organization.

Seeing Problems First-Hand

Working as a therapist within the mental health field I have been on an interesting side of this conversation. I've seen first hand what the digital age is doing to our children and our families. Not all of it is bad, but not all of it is good either. I've seen children make lasting friendships over a video game with people that they never would have had a chance to meet a mere few years ago. I've seen individuals who maybe would have been a bit of an outcast find a home on the internet within safe spaces where they can really discuss what they enjoy.

On the other side of the coin, I've seen children have to deal with a lot of pressure with

the ever-changing landscape of the digital world. I've heard their stress, I've sat with them as we discussed how at times the digital world makes things not make a whole lot of sense. I've seen children exposed to content at an earlier age than me and my generation would have been exposed to. I've seen children whose biggest worry would have been when the next episode of their favorite show is coming out stressed about social trends.

This generation now worries about staying on top of trending topics, getting likes on Instagram, being liked by more than just your middle school or high school and to some degree having to be liked by people all across the globe for a sense of belonging.

Our children and families face a situation in which there is information overload day in

and day out. Trends happen fast in today's day and age, and technology is only getting faster. As the world continues to change and adapt in a digital age it's important that our abilities to teach those children adapt right along with it. With the speed of information at our fingertips today, we need a resource that's just as fast as the next tweet or the next social media moment.

The Right Resource

I believe Cyberwise and Cyber Civics is that resource. Technology is not going to go

away, to be frank it never has. In times of the radio, parents worried about the impact on their children, in times of the TV and movie screen, parents again worried. Honestly going back even further to the printing press and the books, parents worried then too. It is not wrong to worry, in fact it's quite normal. I would be worried if there was no worry.

To have a critical lens that we view these mediums in is a good thing. Cyberwise and Cyber Civics can help you filter that worry, stay informed and knowledgeable and be ready for the next digital change. From my perspective it's an important tool that sets up future generations to navigate the world. I am so excited for the work that we do here, and I consider myself lucky to be able to usher in an understanding and general sense of knowledge for our families with Cyberwise and Cyber Civics.

Author: Connor Cohen.

Connor joined the Cyber Civics team in 2023 with experience in both social work and marketing. In 2020 he earned his LMSW in Texas where he worked as a therapist in a private practice. He made the switch from direct practice to marketing and worked with therapists to help market the profession and practice. Connor now works for Cyber Civics and Cyberwise. After earning his Bachelors in English, Political Science and Counseling from the University of North Texas, he went on to receive his Masters in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. Continuing his studies, he earned a certificate in Digital Marketing from the University of Texas in 2022. He resides in Houston, TX with his fiancee and dog Leia. Connor feels that his role at Cyberwise and Cybercivics is the perfect place to make the much needed changes that help promote the mission of increasing digital literacy and online safety.

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