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Reimagined Children's Books Teach Kids About Internet Safety

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Surfshark reimagines children's books

Internet safety is a relatively new concern.

Schools don't always teach it. Parents and carers aren't sure how to explain it.

Kids, being kids, would rather dive into their digital hobbies than stop to research the risk of identity theft, data exploitation, or online stranger danger.

Surfshark believes in equipping young people with good judgment that will help them

flourish safely online.

That's why they have chosen four well-loved children's books and reimagined their

stories as modern-day fables for the internet age.

What They Did

From Lewis Carroll to Maurice Sendak, hungry caterpillar to hat-deprived bear, they re-wrote the stories and re-illustrated the pictures of four childhood classics, keeping all the fun and style of the originals while injecting valuable online safety awareness. You can read and download the PDFs below for free, and they're designed for you to share.

About Surfshark

Surfshark is an award-winning, highly secure yet easy to use VPN that encrypts users' online data to help them stay private and protected every day, hassle-free.

Their mission is to humanize protection tools so that everyone can be in control of their privacy and security. That’s why the app is intuitive to use and their site is packed with easy-to-understand resources, reports and how-to guides on security and privacy.

About NeoMam Studios

NeoMam Studios is a creative studio based in the UK on a mission to create digital content that online audiences will want to share.

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