U.S. Media Literacy Week

U.S. Media Literacy Week

The theme for U.S. Media Literacy Week celebrates one of the five components of media literacy’s definition each day of Media Literacy Week: Access, Analyze, Evaluate, Create, and Act. Check out this link for a full breakdown of each component and additional resources, lessons, and activities.


Join us on October 26 for our LIVE Educator Resource Review: Creative Ways To Incorporate Media Literacy In Your Classroom during Media Literacy Week event!


The goal of the Cyber Citizenship Initiative (CCI) is to support educators seeking to build students’ resilience against the new challenges and threats of the digital world through an online portal consisting of a repository of vetted resources from across the internet. In this one-hour session, a panel of five educators will conduct a LIVE resource review of games and activities on the CCI site. Attendees will learn creative ideas of how they can use resources on the CCI site in their classroom.

Our educator panelists include Matthew Woods, Bill Selak, Vanita Beavers, Molly Dettmann, and Mark Davis!